Who am I?

I am a freelance forest school leader based in Kingston, London. I’m an avid subscriber to the idea that children and young people learn at their own speed in their own time and that one size does not necessarily fit all. I centre on how children learn and not what children learn. I believe playing... Continue Reading →

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Footprint Tunnels

We have been having fun experimenting with making and placing a footprint tunnels around our woods. We made simple tunnels from corrugated plastic (instructions below) and left one monitored by a movement activated camera. After a few mishaps including a fox pinching one of the tunnels(!) we were able to capture a few images of... Continue Reading →


"The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves"  Roald Dahl 

It snowed!

The "Beast from the East" descended on Forest School today. After a sleepless night wondering if it was a good idea, I decided -3 air temperature and -7 windchill was perfectly fine, providing all were clothed correctly. A little snow wasn't going to stop today's session! We decided to keep ourselves warm by building a... Continue Reading →

“When he comes home from forest school he tells me about everything they have done, he doesn’t do that normally”

“The back page of an October issue of San Francisco magazine displays a vivid photograph of a small boy, eyes wide with excitement and joy, leaping and running on a great expanse of California beach, storm clouds and towering waves behind him.  A short article explains that the boy was hyperactive, he had been kicked... Continue Reading →

"Our little girl had an AWESOME forest school session - thanks so much!"

Who will be at the St John’s School sessions?

Stephen Simpson has worked for over twenty years with 3-18 year olds in creative environments in both state and independent schools. He undertook the Level Three Forest School Leaders course in 2017 and works with forest schools throughout the local area. He is a passionate believer in using alternative learning methods with children who need help... Continue Reading →

Forest Beginnings

    I will be holding forest school sessions at St John's School Kingston Upon Thames, starting January 2018. Currently they will be for specific students. The plan is to offer broader sessions across the school once funding is secured. We have a great site spread over 60m x 15m. It includes a purpose built... Continue Reading →

Wise Words

"The sense of pride and achievement in a child cannot be hidden, no matter how tough or shy, when they successfully create fire from thin air" Anon

Fires and Tools

Just a note on fires and the use of tools Bushcraft and fires can be an essential part of Forest School. I use tools and fires in my sessions. I only do this when I think it appropriate to the children’s level of learning. I need to feel confident the children will respond well and... Continue Reading →

Information for Parents

This information is for parents of children about to start attending our sessions at St John's  School, Kingston. Forest School is a process that offers all types of learners opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self esteem through different types of learning in the enveloping environment of a woodland. We and your school have... Continue Reading →

New report by ADHD Foundation

A useful report from The ADHD Foundation for parents of and workers with children of ADHD children. I believe Forest School is the perfect environment to help children with ADHD. The report looks at Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children across the UK. It gives an insight into its impact and what must be done... Continue Reading →

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