My Forest School

My Forest School is a process that offers all types of learners opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self esteem through different types of learning in the enveloping environment of a woodland. It is child led and designed to be fun. Whilst at the sessions the children can climb, jump, build, create, sit quietly, reflect, think, run, discover, socialise, learn, connect and most importantly grow; at their own pace.

I centre on the physical, social, cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social needs of the children, in other words – their holistic development.  This in turn helps foster resilient, confident, independent and creative learners

6 Principles

I am a member of The Forest School Association and as such follow their Principles and criteria for good practice. These are…

  1. Forest School is a long-term process of frequent and regular sessions in a woodland or natural environment, rather than a one-off visit. Planning, adaptation, observations and reviewing are integral elements of Forest School
  2. Forest School takes place in a woodland or natural wooded environment to support the development of a relationship between the learner and the natural world.
  3. Forest School aims to promote the holistic development of all those involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners
  4. Forest School offers learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves.
  5. Forest School is run by qualified Forest School practitioners who continuously maintain and develop their professional practice.
  6. Forest School uses a range of learner-centred processes to create a community for development and learning

You can see an expanded list on their website here 


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