I have worked for over twenty years with children in creative environments in both State and Independent schools. During this time I have become frustrated by the rigours and expectations placed on children by an education system primarily designed to test children to a rigid set of rules.

I think education can be and should be delivered in a different way. A way more intuitive to being a child.

“the pressures our children face are eroding away creative learning and free thinking”

With increased expectations from teachers, headteachers, parents and government – the pressures our children are facing are eroding away creative learning and free thinking; and all the rest of the fun things children should experience are being forgotten.

Forest SchoolI think there is another way of learning. Forest school allows children to be children. It allows them space to find themselves, away from the pressures of the regular school day. I believe one child is not better or worse than another at forest school, children are not compared to one and other, they’re not placed in sets based on a criteria’s expected outcome for them. Children at forest school all have strengths which are nurtured and encouraged.

Currently I support forest schools in and around London.  I am completing a Level Three Forest School Leader (Archimedes) qualification.  I have a current DBS certificate, a Level Three Outdoor First Aid certificate and an additional two day paediatric first aid certificate.

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