I have worked for over twenty years with 3-18 year olds in creative environments in both State and Independent schools. I have become frustrated by the rigours and expectations placed on all children and young people by education systems interested in testing them to a rigid set of rules and learning objectives. One size does not fit all. I am now primarily concerned in discovering alternative learning methods that can help children and young people navigate these pressures.

Forest school is an ethos, not a place. It allows children and young people to be themselves. It allows them space to find out how they work, away from the pressures of the regular school day. I believe one child is not better or worse than another, children should’t be compared to one and other or placed in sets based on their age or a criteria’s expected outcome for them. Children and young people all have unique strengths which should be nurtured and encouraged.

Playing and learning in calming natural surroundings not only helps children and young people become confident and independent, it also increases their self esteem and encourages them to become creative learners and free thinkers, which will serve them well into the future.

Currently I support educational establishments in and around London.  I am completing a Level Three Forest School Leader (Archimedes) qualification.  I have a current DBS certificate and hold a paediatric two day first aid certificate.

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