Our article in Saints Alive

Thanks to all at All Saints and St John the Evangelist in Kingston upon Thames for printing our article on the front page of their newsletter. You can download a copy here saints alive aug-sept-oct final Here's a copy of the text, Have you ever lit a fire with a fire steel at school? Lighting... Continue Reading →

It snowed!

The "Beast from the East" descended on Forest School today. After a sleepless night wondering if it was a good idea, I decided -3 air temperature and -7 windchill was perfectly fine, providing all were clothed correctly. A little snow wasn't going to stop today's session! We decided to keep ourselves warm by building a... Continue Reading →

Fires and Tools

Just a note on fires and the use of tools Bushcraft and fires can be an essential part of Forest School. I use tools and fires in my sessions. I only do this when I think it appropriate to the children’s level of learning. I need to feel confident the children will respond well and... Continue Reading →

My Forest School

My Forest School is a process that offers all types of learners opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self esteem through different types of learning in the enveloping environment of a woodland. It is child led and designed to be fun. Whilst at the sessions the children can climb, jump, build, create, sit quietly, reflect,... Continue Reading →

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